Welcome To Extra Grace Required – Blog Launch

Transitions, Teachers & Toilets

Birthday Milestones  & Facebook Memories

The Light In The Produce Section

Flylady & Other Things I’ve Quit

Sisters In Suffering

Accidents, Anxiety & All The Things After

It Is What It Is

How To Serve The Grieving (aka 13 Akward, but Useful Ways To Help Your Grieving Friend)

My Heart Is Full

Grief Support Don’ts

Why Am I Doing This?

Alone In A Crowd


Resilient Doesn’t Mean They’re Fine

Surviving The Storm

Jodi Loves Chachi

Fear Of Erasure

A Letter To My Son

The Dad He Didn’t Have To Be

A Half-Gallon of Milk & Some Smart Ones

Accepting What We Can’t Change

Fly The W

Hold On, Here Come The Holidays

Dear Grieving Friend

When People Disappoint Us


A Community Grieves

Filling The Void

There’s Comfort In Unity


Widow Goals – Christmas Edition

Sleep Grieving – Seriously?!!

Minimizing The Suck

Plumbing Problems & Girl Power


A Wedding Anniversary – An Invitation To Our Love Story

Our Love Story – Prologue

Love Story – Part 1

Our Love Story – Part 2

Our Love Story – Part 3

Get On Your Jeep And Ride, Girl!

Fa-La-La-La Lay Off Us, World!

Merry Christmas!



Happy New Year

Confessions of A Caregiver & The Lessons I’ve Learned

When God Doesn’t Heal

I Can’t Seem To Take It Off Yet

Hee Haw, Drew Carey & Other Things I Can’t Bear To Forget

The Cry Of My Heart



I Hope You’ll Dance

Punching The Snowblower

Announcing Extra Grace Thankful Thursday!

A Day to Reflect On Love

Thankful Thursday 2/16/17

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Family “Fun” Night

Thankful Thursday 2/23/17

When Are You Going to Work Full-Time?


Thankful Thursday 3/2/17

I’m Stuck in Friday, But Sunday’s Coming!

Thankful Thursday 3/9/17

A Homesick Amputee

Thankful Thursday 3/23/17

We Miss You!

My First Year as a Widow – Ten Things I Learned

Signs From Heaven

Thankful Thursday 3/30/17


The Grief Scoreboard

There’s Beauty in Our Brokenness

Not the Mom I Want to Be

Renewed Hope

I Just Can’t With Church Right Now

Closure Is A Farce: Aiming For Peace


The Problem With “Getting Used To It”

The Sting of Mother’s Day

Why Is It So Hard To Talk About?

I’m Giving Away Grace! Literally!

Realizing Dreams

When It’s Really Hard to Give Extra Grace

Winner! Winner! Winner!

You Wanna Piece of Meat?!


Grief Amnesia

An Open Letter To Those Who Are Grieving On Father’s Day

The Grief Timeline

It’s Not Political, It’s Personal – WE Are On Medicaid


What If???

Love Wins Every Time

Grief Isn’t Like A Wave, It’s Like A #$&*!! Bungee Cord!

The Bipolarity of the Grieving Wedding Goer

Just Jump!


Beauty For Ashes


Just Give Me A Sign!


The TRUTH About Navigating Grief: There’s More Than Five Stops & No Detour

Look How Far You’ve Come

When You’re Not Enough

Friday Night Lights

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You More Compassionate

Empathy Is Love By Another Name

From Acute to Chronic

This One’s For YOU


Grief Triggers

This (REALLY) Is Us

Sister Weekend

Let’s Talk About The D Word

Dear Myeisha Johnson


To Every Thing There Is A Season

From Anger to Forgiveness

We Are Going To Make It

My 10-Step Game Plan For The Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving

Homesick But Committed To Staying In The Race

If You Knew


God With Us

Here Am I. Send Me! (How to Love the Grieving at Christmas)

Rites of Passage



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