Thankful Thursday

February 23, 2017

It’s that time again – Thankful Thursday!

Extra Grace Requireds:

  • Well-intentioned people who say all the wrong things
  • The end of Faux Spring
  • Alternative Facts
  • Calorie-counting and exercise. It’s high time to get health under control. And it’s hard. Way hard.

I’m thankful for:

  • First responders. I came across an accident scene last night. I paused to pray for the injured and realized how thankful I am for the good police, firefighters and EMTs who serve us. I remember how they served my family on multiple occasions. They eased our fears, solved our immediate problems and used humor as compassion to restore stripped dignity. I am so grateful for these public servants.
  • My kids. I am so thankful for my children. They are each unique and amazing. I love loving them and receiving their love. I marvel at the people they are becoming. I’m forever thankful for being their Mom.
  • Faux Spring was amazing. It lifted my spirits and brought me hope. It was short-lived, but it was fantastic.
  • Teachers. Thank you, teachers for caring for my kids. Thank you for the amount of time and money you personally put into your classrooms. Thank you for your compassionate dedication to our future. I’m on your side.

Now it’s YOUR turn! What are your EGR’s and Thankful Thursday moments this week?

Extra Grace,


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  • Reply Jimmy February 23, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    Extra Grace Required for:
    • My men’s league hockey team that got kicked out because some people didn’t pay.
    • Student loan payments.

    Thankful for
    • The man who anonymously paid the dinner bill for my grandma and I. I took my grandma to one of her favorite restaurants after we watched the Blackhawks game together, and he must have heard us arguing over who gets to pay. Or maybe he saw her hit me with a menu when I told the waitress that I get the check. Either way he picked up our check and left before we found out.
    • The few days of the weather that allowed me to appropriately wear one of my many Hawaiian shirts in February.
    • Scientists that do cool stuff like the scientists who discovered 7 earth-like planets in a nearby solar system. See the Google home page for more info!

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