Announcing Extra Grace Thankful Thursday!

February 9, 2017

I’m excited to announce a new weekly feature – Extra Grace Thankful Thursdays. I will be listing my Extra Grace Required moments of the week, followed by the moments of blessing and thanks. And I want you to participate too! I will post my EGR moments and list of thanksgivings and then I want you to post yours in the comments section of the Extra Grace Required Facebook page or in the comments section on this post below.

This will serve as our bite-sized prayer list, which will allow us to know how to pray for one another. They can be big things or small. There’s so many EGR moments in our daily lives (am I right?!), let’s name them and then balance it with blessings. Are you in? Will you join me?

Here we go – the first Extra Grace Thankful Thursday!


  • A certain middle schooler who refuses to wear a coat when it’s ten degrees outside
  • Day two of this pounding sinus headache
  • People who cut in the parent pick-up line
  • Winter
  • Politics


  • Good news concerning B’s future! (more info coming soon)
  • Caring, talented, dedicated teachers
  • All of YOU! Thank you for reading and following along as we move forward after loss
  • Friends who love me, support me and make me laugh
  • My family. They are the best!

Ok – now it’s YOUR turn. Let us know the EGR’s and the blessings in your life this week. Leave a comment on my Facebook page or in the comments section of this post below. Thank you for playing along!

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Extra Grace,


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