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Fear of Erasure

With the realization that life continues, always forward-moving, comes many complex emotions. It’s not that I’m stuck in my grief, but there is part of me that wants to cling to the past. I… { read more }

October 12, 2016

Jodi Loves Chachi

I promise I’m not all grief, all the time. I actually smile and laugh a lot! That doesn’t mean I’m not grieving, but I experience joy in the midst of it all. In fact,… { read more }

October 10, 2016

WHY Am I Doing This???

Have you ever wondered why I would start a website to share my insights and publicly reveal our grief journey? Have you thought maybe I’ve lost my mind? I know I have. Now that… { read more }

September 28, 2016

Welcome to Extra Grace Required

I’m so glad you’re here! Grab a cup of coffee and relax while we visit. In March, 2016, my husband died after a long, terrible, debilitating illness. His neurological disease took a once healthy,… { read more }

September 9, 2016