From Anger to Forgiveness

Most grief stories I’ve heard, including the ones I’ve lived personally, all make a pit stop at anger. Sometimes it’s a brief stay, sometimes it festers for years, and sometimes it’s an intermittent emotion.… { read more }

November 9, 2017

Dear Myeisha Johnson,

Dear Myeisha Johnson, You don’t know me, but like millions of other Americans, I now know your name. All week you’ve been so heavy on my heart. Your overwhelming loss has been publicized, scrutinized… { read more }

October 24, 2017

Let’s Talk About The D-Word

Let’s talk about the “D” word. No…the other one. Dating. No, I’m not dating but the general topic has been on my mind lately. I’m guessing our thoughts and feelings about this are likely… { read more }

October 18, 2017

Sister Weekend!

Several months ago, my sister and I decided to schedule a weekend getaway together. We took advantage of a Groupon (who doesn’t love a good Groupon?!) and booked a weekend trip to Galena, IL… { read more }

October 16, 2017

This (Really) Is Us

Are you watching “This Is Us” on NBC? I’m drawn to it like a fly to honey. It’s my Tuesday night addiction and I can’t stop. It drew me in last season with it’s… { read more }

October 11, 2017

Grief Triggers

Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, sickness, mass shootings, threats of nuclear war, corruption, and what seems like a constant overabundance of disregard for suffering people. There is so much in the world today causing me… { read more }

October 3, 2017

This One’s For YOU

I don’t know where you are in your grief today, but I want you to know I’m thinking about you. This one is for YOU. I’m thinking about you, the one grieving as you… { read more }

September 29, 2017

From Acute to Chronic

The first year without my husband was so painful. I was really just getting by emotionally. I was in a fog and between missing him, handling all of the first-year orders of business and… { read more }

September 26, 2017