Grief Resources & Support

I’m not a grief expert, I’m just a griever, like you. I have relied on professionals to help me on this journey. Following are a list of resources if you need support getting through it as well. We all need support, don’t we? Praying for you, friend!

I also highly recommend seeking support from your local church. Many offer grief groups as well as spiritual support, which I’ve found to be crucial to my healing. Hospice services in your area are another excellent resource for bereavement support.

National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC)

Association on Death Education and Counseling (ADEC)

What’s Your Grief

Centering Corporation

The Dougy Center


The Grief Toolbox

There are many grief support organizations in local communities as well. Some wonderful programs are sometimes offered through funeral homes as well. Here are a few in my state. They may be able to direct you to resources specific to your area as well.


Hamilton’s Funeral Home Academy of Grief & Loss

Amanda The Panda

Bereavement services through Hospice – Unity Point

Single Parent Provision (Des Moines area)


Brighter Days Grief Center (Minneapolis/St. Paul area)

Widow Might (Minneapolis/St. Paul area)

Because grief can sometimes manifest itself in harmful, self-destructive ways, here are additional resources if you or someone in your family is battling addiction or mental illness.

Substance Abuse Resources





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